Fitness Image Credit: Oxygen
Fitness Image Credit: Oxygen

7 Simple Moves To Improve Alignment And Boost Confidence

These seven simple moves can improve alignment and boost confidence.

If you want people to “look up to you,then this is the routine for you. This mobility sequence is designed to create more space within your joints, elongating your frame and your tissues by addressing the three curves of your spine — your hips, neck and pecs. Do these stretches preworkout or upon waking to kick-start your day. Repeat each movement eight to 10 times, unless otherwise indicated.


Targets: Pectoralis, psoas, hip flexors

Sit on a stability ball and slowly walk your feet forward until you’re lying faceup on the ball with your back fully supported, legs straight. Relax your hips and head over the top of the ball so your spine follows its contour, and let your arms fall out to the sides, palms up. Slowly roll back and forth along the ball to hit your entire spine.

Tip: Choose a ball that is big enough so your full back, hips and head fit when lying on its top.


Targets: Pectoralis minor and major

Stand next to a secured barbell in a rack with your feet shoulder-width apart. Place your left hand behind your head and position your elbow on the back side of the barbell. Turn away from the bar and bend your knees slightly into a mini-squat to feel the stretch in your upper chest. Return to the start. Do all reps on one side, then switch.

Tip: This move also can be done in a doorway or against any solid, stationary object such as a rig pole.

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