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The Weakest Link In Your Musky Set up Image Credit: Musky Hunter
The Weakest Link In Your Musky Set up Image Credit: Musky Hunter

The Weakest Link In Your Musky Set-up

Have you ever watched an autorace in which a driver seems tobe on his way to a sure victory but with a few laps to go his car breaks down and he’s out of the race? When they ask the driver what happened, you often hear him say something to the effect of “a 50-cent part cost us a sure victory.”

John Bette

The same can hold true in musky fishing, only the “50-cent part” is the snap or connector that connects your lure to your leader.

I often preach that the leader is the most important part of your musky setup and the link between you and your catch. Let’s take this a step further and bring it all the way down to that single connector — your set-up is only as good as this one small component! You are relying on this small, inexpensive item to bring you a successful day, week, or season on the water. If you are not going to take the time to make sure your leader has the best possible connection, it doesn’t matter how much you have spent on rods, reels or lures.

That said, there isn’t a fail-proof connection on the market that can guarantee 100 percent reliability, either. Anything can and will eventually fail if it is not taken care of properly. It falls on us as anglers to do everything we can to prevent a failure from happening.

The most fail-safe connection on the market is a solid, ring-style connector attached to your leader. The ring connector eliminates the need to open and close a snap every time you change a lure. The solid ring connector is very secure but can have a few drawbacks: 1.) You have to make sure you have split rings on all your lures; 2.) You have to have a pair of split ring pliers handy at all times to change lures as fast as possible.

The only thing you really need to do as far as terminal ta

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