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Nine Golden Years Image Credit: Treasure Hunting magazine
Nine Golden Years Image Credit: Treasure Hunting magazine

Nine Golden Years

I started my detecting journey back in mid-2010, armed with my first detector, a Minelab Explorer SE Pro.

Dave Clarke

Like many of us, the hunt was first for some permissions to detect on. Luckily, through friends and research, my portfolio has gradually grown to five sites, quite small and all pasture. I belong to a couple of local clubs and go out detecting with a few groups, mainly in Kent with the occasional trip to Essex, Suffolk and beyond.

Over the years, I’ve had some great interesting finds, but we all like to see a bit of the yellow stuff. My first gold find was a rather large modern ring dated 2002, all 35 grams of it (Fig.1)! Four years later, it was joined by another smaller one dated 1980 (Fig.2). To my surprise, permission I share with my friend Mat yielded my first gold coin, a rare Iron Age stater of the Cantiaci, ‘Sego Warrior’ type (Fig.3) – I couldn’t believe my luck. On the same site a couple of months later I found a small gold Georgian band c.1786-1834 (Fig.4).

The following year on a club dig, in a patch right near the parking spot, a couple of Henry III hammered turned up, followed by a medieval gold ring, although sadly slightly damaged (Fig.5). This went through the Treasure process, after which I parted company with it to the landowner and sorted our agreed 50/50 split.

A quiet couple of years then followed, until one day, from a pasture site which I had ‘gridded’ many times before, out popped a posy ring, inscribed ‘God above increase our love’, c.1700-1800 (Fig.6). Last year I visited a s

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