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Every Find Tells a Story Image Credit: Treasure Hunting magazine
Every Find Tells a Story Image Credit: Treasure Hunting magazine

Every Find Tells a Story

It was a very warm summer’s day in the Wiltshire countryside and the ground was like concrete following a prolonged dry spell – unusual weather given what we’re accustomed to here in the UK.

Richard Bennett

In the absence of a breeze, the sweat was soaking through my t-shirt and the sun was burning the exposed areas of my skin. I regretted the decision to wear shorts as it felt like all manner of flying insects were feasting on my exposed legs.

All in all, I wasn’t in the best of moods, particularly carrying an uninspiring finds haul of a bent spoon and a couple of toasted coins, probably halfpennies from an early King George. In the background loomed the ‘big house’ – all that remained of what had been a much grander dwelling, Draycot House. This had been largely demolished in the 1950s leaving just the milking parlour, stable block and a few barns, which were now converted into habitable residences (one of which my wife and I had rented until recently).

I had often discussed the history of the estate with the landowner, from its medieval origins to its more recent occupation and use by American soldiers during the Second World War. It was this rich heritage, combined with my passion for history, which persuaded me to invest in a detector and explore the local fields having secured his generous permission. In that first year I had unearthed a variety of treasures: coins ranging from Roman to modern, medieval weights, Anglo-Saxon pins and too many musket balls to mention.

I was about to give in to the weather and head home, when my shiny new Minelab Equinox 800 reported a solid 25 signal. As I had only just traded in my trusty old Tek

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