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A Genuine Enigma Revealed Image Credit: Treasure Hunting magazine
A Genuine Enigma Revealed Image Credit: Treasure Hunting magazine

A Genuine Enigma Revealed

I am a member of the Romanian Military Archaeology (RMA) team and currently we have around 15 individuals operating in the recovery of military artefacts of historical importance. All of our team proudly use XP Deus detectors in and around the Bucharest region and have achieved some amazing results with them.

Michele RMA

How many finds have you ignored, discarded immediately or maybe thrown away later on, having just not considered them to be of any interest? I suspect that sounds familiar to many of us, but as we shall see it’s possible that even nondescript pieces of rubbish can in fact turn out to be something quite amazing and historically significant.

Over the past two months, we have been focusing on a specific area that has provided us with many interesting Second World War related finds. These have included an incredible hoard of 180 German Iron Cross medals! Since our team obtained a second HF coil (the 9 inch round one) we regularly deploy them both out in the field and recently we have targeted the areas that have not been particularly well searched in the past.

One such area included a section of land adjacent to a road, which, as can be imagined, was contaminated with modern junk and numerous drinks cans. However, during one search, under all these bottle tops, tin foil and junk we went on to discover something far more interesting – something that really rewarded us for the time and dedication we spent on such a difficult area. The fast recovery speed of the XP Deus, plus the extraordinary sensitivity and discrimination of the HF coils, helped us to locate the boundaries of a small but significant

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