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Finding Cupid Image Credit: Treasure Hunting magazine
Finding Cupid Image Credit: Treasure Hunting magazine

Finding Cupid

I remember the day like it was just yesterday! It was a cold November morning and our club had chosen to visit a small, flat, sandy-soiled Lincolnshire field.

Terry Gillott,Scunthorpe

I was using my XP Deus on the Fast Program, version 3.2. All these details eh? Well please forgive me, as you can probably already tell, I’m still so very excited about what I found that day. After about an hour’s detecting all I had found were two Roman ‘grots’. However, I heard that a few other Roman items had also been found that morning and I thought “This might well turn out to be a very interesting dig after all.”

I decided to head over to the hedge line which was next to a main road. Shortly afterwards I received a very loud signal, which nearly blew my ears off!! I began digging, thinking “I bet this is a fizzy drink can lobbed out of a passing car.” I dug into the soil and placed it to one side of the hole. After reaching a depth of around six inches, I spotted something very unusual.

It looked to be a small figure that was facing down with its wings showing. “Wow,” I thought as I nervously picked it up, turned it over and then shouted out “Yes it’s complete!” At the time I suspected that it could well be Roman, however there was the nagging possibility that it just might be a Victorian or slightly earlier copy.

The nearest person to me was Ray Kent who had heard me shout and was already coming over. As he neared the spot he said “What have you found?” However I couldn’t speak, so I just placed it in his hand. I remember the look on his face and I knew

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