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McCoy Has 10K Day Against Miami Image Credit: Bills Digest
McCoy Has 10K Day Against Miami Image Credit: Bills Digest

McCoy Has 10K Day Against Miami

Inside the Game

Jonah Bronstein

Having completed his 10K chase, LeSean McCoy doesn’t want the run to end.

McCoy achieved a personal milestone during the Bills’ Week 15 victory over the Miami Dolphins when he became the 30th player in NFL history to rush for more than 10,000 yards.

Now, he turns his focus toward chasing the postseason spot that has eluded the Bills for the last 17 years.

“My whole mindset was, let’s get the win and let’s get 10K,” a smiling McCoy said after the game. “I’m happy it’s over, I’m happy it’s done. Now I look forward to trying to get in these playoffs.”

His Bills teammates took pride in helping McCoy add the extra digit to his career yardage total.

“It’s so cool to share that with Shady and the guys on this offensive line because what we’ve been doing here for the last three years is really special running the football,” guard Richie Incognito said. “The offensive line and Shady really work well together. We’re just excited we can share this with him.”

Several teammates joined McCoy in wearing sweatshirts that read “WE CHASING 10K.”

“Not only this week, but the whole year,” McCoy said. “The lineman constantly telling me out it — let’s go get 10K, the 10K chase. There’s times where I kind of forgot about it and they reminded me. They wanted it as bad as I did, maybe more. And th

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