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We Are The Front RunnersInDigitisation AndInnovation Image Credit: Indian Transport & Logistics News
We Are The Front RunnersInDigitisation AndInnovation Image Credit: Indian Transport & Logistics News

We Are The Front Runners In Digitisation And Innovation

Port of Rotterdam, the largest port in Europe, has been supporting the supply chain companies to prepare for the consequences, if a no-deal Brexit happens. Speaking to Shalini Nair, Alexander Philipsen, business manager containers – deepsea & feeder containers, breakbulk & logistics explains that ample amount of investment can be done in digitisation but the core of business lies in developing a suitable physical infrastructure.

How will be the signing of the Customs Treaty between the Netherlands and India impact the Port of Rotterdam?

India has very much improved its business climate. We have seen an increase in import of pharma products and plastics to India from Western Europe, and expect this growth to continue between our port and India. One important factor which will push this relationship further is this treaty, which will definitely give a boost between both the countries trade. Hence, Rotterdam will benefit when it comes to sea freight. The treaty is all about the efficient exchange of customs information, save time and money. Once materialised, cargo can pass our borders efficiently.

If no-deal Brexit happens, what major changes do you expect in Rotterdam’s business?

For us, the UK is the fourth largest trade partner after Germany, Belgium, and Russia, in terms of total throughput which accounts for 40 million tonnes annually. Brexit definitely will have an impact, which will affect the customs formalities and inspection - affecting ports, shipping companies, and supply chain system. For instance, if a German company has to ship via Port of Rotterdam to the UK, it must make sure that the documents are intact otherwise the cargo will not only be rejected at the port of Rotterdam but also in the whole supply chain. It is very important that everyone must prepare themselves for Brexit. The impact will be higher cost, delays, and

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