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Stay Refined Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia
Stay Refined Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia

Stay Refined

What has a light, cream-water formula and can give you finer skin? This new refiner, of course.

K -beauty is all about that naturally glowy skin and it all starts with one thing: hydration. There’s nothing worse than tight, dehydrated skin that feels uncomfortable throughout the day. Enter Laneige’s latest, the Cream Skin Refiner, a toner-based product infused with cream properties. It keeps the skin super moisturised right from the start of your skincare routine.

The formula incorporates Cream Blending Technology that strengthens the skin barrier — so good for those with sensitive to dry skin! The new tech combines both cream and toner to become a water formula that effectively moisturises skin as the formula is split into many smaller particles. It contains White Leaf Tea Water that ’s extremely soothing and also plays a part in strengthening the barrier of the skin. The texture is light but with a long-lasting hydrating effect.


The Cream Skin Refiner strengthens the skin barrier, defending it from external substances that can seep deep into the skin and cause breakouts, redness and sensitivity. The toner takes care of the outermost skin layer so that the inner layers are well protected.


For maximum benefits, layer the Cream Skin Refiner on twice. Soak cotton pads in the toner, sweep them across the face and then leave the pads on your skin for two minutes right after cleansing. This will really give the product a chance to absorb into your sk

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