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Burnout Work Stress Career Job Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia
Burnout Work Stress Career Job Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia

When Hustling Too Hard Can Actually Hurt

Is doing and having it all what it’s made out to be? We take a look into 'hustle culture' and how burnout is so real.

Pamela Choo

We’ve become really familiar with the hashtags #hustle, #werk, #slay, among others. It ’s the idea that we have to work at max capacity every day to be considered successful and taken seriously. But does it really benefit us — or is it actually hurting us? Thrive Global, a company that aims to end the epidemic of stress and burnout, states that hustle culture is where people do away with a healthy work-life balance and instead define their self-worth by their work achievements. Racheal Kwacz, Child and Family Development Specialist , says that hustle culture means people are constantly on the go, and can lead to exhaustion. “Sure, you hit your targets, but at what cost?” she says.


Racheal teaches the BRA method in her workshops: Build, Review and Adapt, that is. The Build part is just that — build, hustle and go at a hundred percent. Review is taking time to pause and reflect. Get feedback, think about the things that went wrong or right, and how you can do things differently. Ask yourself, “Is this still working for me?”. Adapt is figuring out what to do next, after you took time to pause. Are there any changes you need to make so that you’re still on the right track for the vision you’re building? Racheal emphasises that this is the process of staying in tune with yourself.


Sarah Chen, Co-Foun

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