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NewEnergy Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia
NewEnergy Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia

New Energy

With an androgynous pseudonym and unique way of tuning into the vibrations of the place she’s in, George Maple speaks up about her style and sound.

Pamela Choo

Say the name George Maple and you may not immediately conjure an image of a lively dark-haired woman who has the vocals that will replay in your mind. George Maple (which is a pseudonym) is an Australian singer, musician, songwriter and record producer who has made her mark in the Australian music scene, and is looking to take on the world. Best known for electro-pop that can ignite a dancefloor, she actually first started dabbling in music at just nine years old. George had flown into Kuala Lumpur on a recent press tour, and invited #TeamCLEO into her hotel room with sparkling eyes and a big bright smile.

Initial conversations while we prepped for shoot were incisive (“I ’m amazed by the editorial work in places like Korea and Ukraine”, “I love the idea that what I create versus what is experienced can be two completely different things”), and she revealed she was enamoured with the world around her. On her travels, she chooses to walks the streets because “that ’s where you find the energy” of a new place. And that was what we did — we took to the back alleys of KL, where along the way we discovered that George was deeply curious about all cultures (including Malaysian ones!), the reason why she uses a stage name, and what really drives her to create.

How did it all start with music for you?

I remember writing songs when I was nine years old. I started performing pr

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