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Zero Hero Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia
Zero Hero Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia

Zero Hero

Waste not, want not. This model, host and actress is changing the world for the better, one plastic bag at a time.

Joash Kong

Melissa Tan is not just a pretty face, nor is sh the rest of us. She is also an eco-warrior w lives and breathes for sustainable living an waste habits. If you want to make a chang Earth Day and beyond, Melissa takes us th the tiny steps you can take to use less, wa and do better for the planet. It ’s all about m the right choices.

How and why did you get into a zero waste lifestyle?

I was always an eco-loving girl , recycling everything in sight, even as a child. But there was so much that was not recyclable, especially with plastic. Then one day, I heard about the zero waste lifestyle from Claire of Hive Bulk Foods, and how we can refuse the creation of trash in the first place. We don’t have to buy into the culture of excessive plastic consumption and endless waste creation. We are all consumers, it ’s just about breaking harmful habits in the cruel cycle of irresponsible consumption.

What was the hardest p about going zero waste

There were many little cha to overcome; the fear of b judged, the “paiseh” (or sh feeling is especially strong comes to gifts. Often, peo kindness through gifting,

What was the hardest part about going zero waste?

There were many little challenges to overcome; the fear of being judged, the “paiseh” (or shy) feeling is especially strong when it comes to gifts. Often, people show kindness through gifting, even if we do

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