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Career Job Work Office Image Credit: CLEO Singapore

Want A Breakthrough In Your Career? Be Vulnerable In The Office First

Having that human connection with your team members isn’t just for touchy-feely self-esteem purposes—it actually boosts your performance at work.

Davelle Lee

Yes, we know— it sounds a little counter intuitive to show vulnerability in the workplace. After all, aren’t you supposed to project how you’ve got your sh*t together in order to get that next promotion?

To clear things up: being vulnerable =/= showing weakness. Instead, it’s about being comfortable and brave enough to be open and honest in a professional setting without the fear of being “punished” in the form of a bad appraisal or reprimand from your boss.

The result: you’ll learn from your mistakes rather than try to hide them. And on the personal front, letting your co-workers know when you’re going through a tough time can be the difference between getting no support at work to getting help in terms of managing your workload and deadlines.

And on top of it all, your team ends up with more creative and innovative solutions because people won’t be afraid of sharing their ideas.

Say your grandmother is in the hospital fighting a serious illness, or you’ve made a huge mistake at work. Would you talk to your colleagues or your boss about it?

If your answer is ‘yes’, then congratulations— you’ve hit the jackpot with a workplace that fosters a culture of vulnerability. According to a 2017 article in the Harvard Business Review, those who trust their co-workers enough to be open with them are reported to be 40 percent more likely to enjoy their work than those who

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