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Love Dating Relationship Image Credit: CLEO Singapore
Love Dating Relationship Image Credit: CLEO Singapore

On The Rebound?

Here’s how to tell if it will backfire on you.

Just out of a relationship but in the arms of another already? We’re not here to judge. But what if your rebound brings you more heartbreak than comfort? Adora Wong finds out how you can tell if it’ll crash and burn.

I’ve been in several rebound relationships. Most of them provided comfort during the darker days but fizzled out after a couple of months. One, however, evolved into a proper relationship and we were (largely) happy together for two years.

But there was one that completely backfired on me —the inadequacies of the relationship accentuated everything that was good about the one I had just gotten out of, so I ended up missing my ex more than I should have. But how do we tell if a rebound will do us more harm than good?


According to Jean Chen XM, a psychotherapist at Relationship Matters: “It can backfire if you’re trying to get some major things that you lacked in your previous relationship out of it.”

“Let’s say you need a partner who is financially responsible and verbally expressive, and your previous boyfriend was financially responsible, but not verbally expressive. You’ll probably look for someone who is articulate in your next relationship.”

“However, if your new partner is unable to control his spending, the relationship will backfire because you still don’t have both of your needs met. This m

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