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Relationship Dominating love Dating Image Credit: CLEO Singapore
Relationship Dominating love Dating Image Credit: CLEO Singapore

Are You Too Controlling?

Don’t give your boyfriend much say? You just might be sabotaging your relationship.

We all have our own way of managing relationships. But if you’re too controlling, you could be driving your boyfriend away. After all, no one likes being kept on a tight leash.

Not sure what counts as controlling behaviour? Violet Lim, CEO and co-founder of Lunch Actually Group, lists some examples.


Make all day-to-day decisions, like where to go and what to eat

Decide what he wears and how he should cut his hair

Dictate who he can and cannot hang out with, and when he can and cannot go out

Control his finances

Sign him up for things without checking with him first, such as holidays or social events

Assert yourself over his career choices

Constantly speak on his behalf

If you’re guilty of more than three of the above, you’re probably quite controlling. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing—if he’s told you he doesn’t mind you making decisions on his behalf, there’s probably nothing to worry about.


But it’s a different story if he has been keeping mum— he could be bottling up his feelings. “Some men let the woman make all the decisions not because they like it or are unable to make them—they do it to avoid quarrels,” says Violet. “However, they may grow to resent their partner.”

This could spell trouble in the long run. “A build-up of rese

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