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Vibes Home Decor Interior Happiness Image Credit: CLEO Singapore
Vibes Home Decor Interior Happiness Image Credit: CLEO Singapore

5 Things That Will Create Good Vibes In Your Room

Your room is your refuge—add these five things to create a space that boosts your mood and calms your nerves.


To some, crystals are more than pretty ornaments. They believe that they have healing properties that can transform the energy in your room. Yvonne Law, co-owner of Secret Crystals, recommends starting with these:


“The colour pink has long been associated with love energy. Place this in your room to restore trust and harmony and encourage unconditional love.”


“This all-purpose crystal is a must-have as it gives off positive, calming and peaceful energy. It can calm an overactive mind and help relieve insomnia.”


“You should put this one on your desk as it can provide mental clarity and balance out the energies around you. It’s just the thing for a clear and focused mind.”

Secret Crystals is at #04-27 The Adelphi. You can also shop at


Breathe new life (literally) into your room with air plants. After all, they’re super easy to care for and offer plenty of benefits.

“Air plants are great for an urban setting as they’re small, require no soil and need to be watered only about once a week,” says Lee Hui Yee, founder of online plant store Float on Air. “They not only improve air quality, but also add a calming touch, which can make you feel less stressed and more optimistic.”

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