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Spices Condiments Transforming Dishes from Mundane to Magical Image Credit: foodService India
Spices Condiments Transforming Dishes from Mundane to Magical Image Credit: foodService India

Spices & Condiments: Transforming Dishes From Mundane To Magical

A boom in travel and the foodservice sector have stoked a growing appetite among consumers for new flavors, spices and condiments. Consumers are looking for ways to enrich their meals with improved tastes. The increase in demand for seasonings for use in overseas cuisines such as continental, French and Italian is also expected to boost the industry growth. The rapid expansion of the hospitality and foodservice sector is also driving the demand for spices and seasonings as their flavors enhance the aroma and taste of cuisines.

With consumers journeying the world through their taste buds, the universe of spices and condiments has expanded and there is an increased demand for new flavors, spice and heat. People are going beyond the bland, traditional flavors and increasingly settling for customization. An increase in the disposable income and the influence of global trend on Indian foodscape are fueling the growth and demand for products like mayonnaise, salad dressings, and exotic flavored sauces. These developments have fuelled a growing appetite for novel cuisines, cultural mash-ups and experimentation and exploration of new dishes.

Spices, seasonings, sauces and condiments marry ingredients, provide punch and flavour and can bring a dish to life, so they are vital for chefs and menus. “Spices, sauces and condiments aggrandize and intensify the flavor of the main ingredients apart from acting as a catalyst for balancing the fl avors. Ordinary black pepper, for example, can balance out the heat beautifully when it’s wood-smoked. A dish is prepared with a variety of components, and spices and condiments add to the grandeur of flavors,” says Divya Bose, Chef trainer and Lecturer, IHM Pusa, New Delhi.

While staple herbs, spices and condiments such as rosemary, coriander and ketchup remain firm favorites, the growing popularity for trend-driven ingredients has seen more and more chefs making room for Pan-Asian, Mediterranean, Middle Eas

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