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Beijing Palace Museum Image Credit: The PEAK Malaysia
Beijing Palace Museum Image Credit: The PEAK Malaysia

Keys To The Kingdom

Cartier celebrated its longstanding relationship with the Beijing Palace Museum with Beyond Boundaries, an exhibition anchoring 30 years of friendship between two distinguished establishments.

Mindy Teh

The gods were smiling on Cartier and Beijing Palace Museum on the day of the preview of Beyond Boundaries. A joint collaboration between the two distinguished establishments, the showcase is a celebration of its longstanding relationship while showcasing more than 800 precious exhibits from both the museum’s and Cartier’s archives as well as that of private collectors.

Indeed, the sun was out and the skies a bright cerulean blue. The Forbidden City, the ancient fabled palatial home for at least 24 Ming and Qing emperors (and the Dowager Empress), is a remarkable sight against this sunny backdrop. The largest palace in the world, replete with 90 separate palaces and courtyards, once fueled the world’s imagination because few were able to tread its hallowed grounds—this was once the home to the sons of Heaven and not all were privy to its goings-on behind its walls. The grandeur of the Forbidden City remains intact to this day and its Meridian Gates provides the perfect venue for Beyond Boundaries.

The name of the exhibition may seem rather straightforward in the English language. In fact, in Mandarin, the title of the exhibition is incredibly deep and nuanced. “The four Chinese characters signify more and can be interpreted several different ways,” said Wang Yuegong, Director of the Palace Department at Th

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