Creative Spaces Image Credit: Identity
Creative Spaces Image Credit: Identity

Creative Spaces

How we work; where we work; workplace habits; the future of work – these are topics that workplace designers are constantly re-evaluating and trying to predict.

Catherine Belbin

One such office workspace ‘futurist’/architect, Didi Lenz, from Austria-based office furniture and concepts company Bene, is currently totally absorbed with trying to pinpoint how we will work in the next decade.

Recently his firm curated a special exhibition – ‘The Bene Kaleidoscope – Creating Visions’, where the company initiated a dialogue with architects on the subject of the working environments of tomorrow.

Now on a global tour to meet and discuss his concept and predictions with architects and interior designers, the architect was in Dubai recently to meet members of the UAE design community to continue and further extend the dialogue.

Talking to identity in their regional office in d3, Lenz reflected on the trends of the recent past – the move from little individual cubicles to open-plan offices and on to the Google-inspired playful spaces where people seek out their own personal spaces and can feel most inspired.

“Going forward, our research shows that there is a need to bring colleagues back together again – to bring them into brainstorming areas, where they gather to collaborate on a project in a space uniquely configured for that project, after which the space can be remodelled by moving the furniture layout for the next group’s use,” he says.

“We believe that there is a move towards creating designated project spaces within most types of organ

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