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Break The Habit Image Credit: True Love
Break The Habit Image Credit: True Love

Break The Habit

Chocolate, cigarettes, wine, whatever your vice, DITCH THE DEPENDENCY with these clever, NATURAL SOLUTIONS.

Louise Pyne

When you’re having a shocker of a day, what makes it more bearable? Whether it’s a large glass of red wine or a bar of chocolate, we all have a weak spot. The problem is, while your temptation can make you feel good in the short term, too much of a good thing can do serious damage to your wellbeing. If you’re wondering why you’re craving a fix, take a look at your lifestyle. Society’s reliance on classic energy enhancers and stress-relievers can often be traced back to our increasingly hectic schedules.

When we’re stressed out we seek a substance to relieve the pressure – but it’s a false fix, as this approach merely masks the underlying problem instead of dealing with it. Giving into tempting treats stimulates the release of the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine, but if you cave in too often, the effect won’t be the same. A study by the Oregon Research Institute found that overindulging in high-fat and high-sugar foods can change grey matter in a similar way to drug use, leaving you craving more.

“When dopamine is released, it produces feelings of pleasure,” explains naturopath Emma Alessandrini. “People start to desire this pleasurable feeling, and to satisfy their desire they repeat the behaviours, which produce dopamine.”

But, it is possible to break this addictive cycle. Check out our simple and natural strategies to beat your vices for good.


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