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The Sound Of Healing Image Credit: asiaSpa India
The Sound Of Healing Image Credit: asiaSpa India

The Sound Of Healing

Dr. Evelet Sequeira shares how Tibetan bowls became a part of her life and changed her outlook towards healing.

It was in 2012 at Swambhunath Temple, Kathmandu that sound found me. I heard the sounds of Tibetan bowls for the first time as I walked into a shop selling them. When I experienced the vibrations on my body, I was surprised at how an inanimate object could have my entire body buzzing following a chakra tune up (I was unaware of the concept of chakras then).

The medical doctor in me was confused and curious at the same time – that day I bought two Tibetan bowls. I played them on most days for a few months, and then, like everything that loses our attention over time, they just became pieces of décor and fitted into my Zen-themed living room.

But, in 2013, sound made a comeback in my life. I saw a Facebook advertisement about a Tibetan sound bowl healing workshop by Satya Brat. My heart knew I had to be there. That day my journey as a student of sound began and I eventually learnt three levels of healing techniques and started giving sessions. The bowls are not merely bowls that I play around with, but co-creators and active partners in the healing journey of my clients. I have even used the Tibetan bowls in hospitals to calm and destress cancer patients before their chemotherapy sessions.

However, over the years, most of my clients have come to be women with reproductive problems and I have turned into a womb healer. Women come to me to get their womb energies cleansed. I now conduct sessions for women who have reproducti

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