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Its So Big Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia
Its So Big Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia

Its So Big

...We're talking about age gaps, that is.

David Smiedt

Q For some reason, I only go for men who are much older. What’s wrong with me?

A Well , nothing, really. There is nothing wrong with how you feel. You just prefer to leave behind those times with fumbling, stumbling, bumbling men-children you endured until now. And sometimes, vintage is higher quality (think Clooney, Pitt and Craig). That said, as with any man, there are pitfalls and pleasures to be aware of.


It ’s true, sometimes people (men especially) get better with age. Much like a fine wine or cheese, maturity only makes someone more well-rounded — in terms of confidence and worldliness. Older men, for the most part, know who they are and have an opinion based on experience. This experience extends into their relationships and since they’ve made rookie mistakes in their past, there is a likelihood not to repeat. Thus, they aren’t into the petty mind games exhibited by younger dudes, they know the value of a bouquet of flowers for no apparent reason, they’ll call the day after a date and they’ll show up when and where they say they will .


The more calendars a man has been through, the more baggage he brings to his current relationships. What this means for you is that you may have to deal with interminable stories about his ex, his children and/or alimony payments. Also be aware that dependi

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