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Question: Which dorm mate should I choose?

Date: July 23, 2017

Time: 10:24:00 A.M. E.D.T.

Place: West Hartford, CT

This question came from my client’s daughter who is beginning her first year of college and will live on campus. She asked: “I have a dorm room at the college I will attend this fall. Two of my girlfriends are also attending the same college. They both want to room with me, but I can only take one as a roommate. Which one should I choose?”

I asked her which friend requested to room with her first. This a very important question because it establishes the houses that rule each friend. 

Alphee Lavoie
The first friend is ruled by the eleventh house, and the second is ruled by the eleventh from the eleventh, the radical ninth. And, of course, the Querent’s dorm room is ruled by the fourth house. Let us examine the ruler and coruler of each friend in relation to the ruler of the fourth house, which is ruled by Jupiter, as Sagittarius is on the cusp of that house. Jupiter is in the first house. In horary, whenever we see a signature like this, which clearly reflects the question, we have verification that the chart is radical, fit to be read. The dorm room is the Querent’s main concern, and the ruler of the dorm is in the house that represents her.

The eleventh house, the first friend, shows Moon-ruled Cancer on the cusp, so we need to examine aspects of the Moon to Jupiter, the fourth-house ruler. Luna does not make any applying aspect to Jupiter. (Remember: in horary, we only use applying aspects within a 10-degree orb.) Upon examination of the Moon in relation to Pluto, the co-ruler of the dorm room since Pluto is in the fourth house, we again see no aspects.

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