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The May/June issue of EQMM, part of our 80th-anniversary celebration, is dedicated to our fans—appropriately, because herein are the results of our 2020 Readers Award poll!

Here you will join previous Readers Award winners such as Doug Allyn (“Kiss of Life”), Marilyn Todd (“Leap of Faith”), and David Dean (“Season of Night”) to explore the shadows within. See too how the dark motive of revenge can motivate in “Frank Scarso Finds His Life “ by Doug Crandell, “Satan’s Circle” by Roger Vaccaro (Department of First Stories), and “A Heaven or a Hell” by Anna Scotti.

We’ll get your gears turning with some intriguing puzzles in “The Hidden Places” by Linda Stansberry, “The Case of the Strangled Man” by Steven Torres, “A Brief History of Local Warfare” by Libby Cudmore, and “The Unlocked Car” by Mike MacInnes (Department of First Stories). More turns (and twists) are encountered in “Strong Stomach” by Zoë Z. Dean and “Temptation Street” by Martin Edwards, and you can really take flight with a short- short by Alex Knight (“Birdman”), a Willie Cuesta story by John Lantigua (“The Cry of the Condor”), and a romantic suspense tale from Melissa Yi (“Flamingo Flamenco”).

Spend a companionable evening with series characters in Hal Charles’s “Nothing Good Happens After Midnight,” with icons from American culture in “Waiting For the Night to Fall” by Tim Baker (from our Black Mask department), and in an intimate historical moment in “The Bunker” by Herbert De Paepe (in Passport to Crime).
History is central too to The Jury Box by Steve Steinbock, focusing on historical mysteries, and Stranger Than Fiction by Dean Jobb, which, this issue, handles a notorious 1870 New York City murder.

In Blog Bytes, Kristopher Zgorski has you covered with some great blogs and audiobook sites. And finally, we have an article by scholar and fan Arthur Vidro: “EQMM Goes to College.” We thank him and all of our fans for being with us through the years!

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Enter the captivating world of mystery fiction with Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. We're excited to introduce you to this legendary publication, your premier destination for classic and contemporary mystery stories, detective tales, and crime fiction.

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, published by Penny Publications LLC, is not just a magazine; it's a timeless institution that has been a beacon for mystery enthusiasts for decades.

As you explore the pages of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, you'll find a world of content that caters to mystery aficionados and lovers of crime fiction:

* Classic Mysteries: Enjoy timeless classics and iconic mysteries that have stood the test of time.

* Contemporary Crime Fiction: Dive into the latest works of contemporary authors, exploring new twists and turns in the world of crime.

* Detective Stories: Experience the thrill of detective stories, featuring brilliant investigators, cunning criminals, and perplexing puzzles.

* Short Story Collections: Access a curated selection of short stories that deliver suspense, intrigue, and surprise in every page.

* Author Interviews: Gain insights into the minds of mystery authors with exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes glimpses into their creative process.

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine is your key to unlocking a world of mystery, suspense, and intellectual challenge. Subscribe now and immerse yourself in the timeless art of deduction.

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