Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine - November/December 2023Add to Favorites

Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine - November/December 2023Add to Favorites

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It’s probably hard to believe—if you read this in mid-October, when this issue goes on sale—that our next installment is already the November/December seasonal issue, but it is! (And if you think that’s weird: I’m writing this in late May!)

So we begin to close-out 2023 with “Apollo in Retrograde,” a follow-up to Rosemary Claire Smith’s popular 2012 novelette, “The Next Frontier.” Time has marched on since we last saw Natalya Orlova, and so has the space race, after the events surrounding the Apollo 13 mission in the previous story. But while failure isn’t final, success is fleeting, and new challenges arise that Natalya and the rest of the crew may have more trouble handling as the years progress and the program moves into the ’70s.

Our fact article really—ahem—digs into the reality behind one of the most famous planets in the history of this magazine—and all of SF: Arrakis, in “Dune and Superdune,” by Kevin Walsh.

We also have the SFnal equivalent of a locked-room mystery from longtime Analog regular, Rajnar Vajra; a light-hearted yarn of just about the most out-of-the-way tourist trap possible in “The Eiffel Tower of Trappist-1d” by Jeff Reynolds; an action-packed ship recovery mission in Mark Pantoja’s “The White Tiger”; a heart-rending reminder that sometimes we treat pets like people more for our benefit than theirs, in “An Infestation of Blue,” by Wendy N. Wagner; something seasonal in Ron Collins’ “Home For Christmas,” and more, including stories from Greg Benford, Michael Cassutt, Tom Jolly, Kate McLeod, Michael Capobianco, James Sallis, and other!

Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine Description:

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Analog Science Fiction and Fact is a renowned magazine that combines captivating science fiction stories with scientific exploration. Established in 1930, it has become a premier publication for enthusiasts of imaginative storytelling and cutting-edge science. Each issue features thrilling narratives, futuristic technologies, and scientifically grounded articles, offering readers an immersive experience into the realms of science and fiction.

The magazine also features scientifically grounded articles, exploring the latest advancements in fields such as astrophysics, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Having consistently attracted some of the genre's most celebrated authors, Analog Science Fiction and Fact has been a launchpad for renowned writers such as Isaac Asimov, Robert A. Heinlein, and Arthur C. Clarke.

Don't miss the opportunity to explore the captivating world of Analog Science Fiction and Fact, where every issue transports you to extraordinary realms of possibility and challenges you to contemplate the wonders of the universe.

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