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Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine - March/April 2020Add to Favorites

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EQMM’s spring issue has us thinking about time. A stunning novella by Joyce Carol Oates shows how we may experience distortions of time itself. Two of our featured pieces keep time in meter: “Here in Tremonia” by Karr & Wehner (from the Passport to Crime Department), an homage in song, and “Of Clues and Clerihews” by Richard Stout, several small poems. And several narrators share how they spend what might be their very last moments, in “Final Thoughts” by Susan Salzer, “A Little Help From My Friend” by John Dobbyn, and “Active Shooter” by Jack Bunker.

The puzzler “The Eleventh Commandment,” the suspenseful P.I. tale “In the War Zone of the Heart,” and the legal mystery “Kidneys” (by Paul Charles, John Lantigua, and Rebecca Cantrell, respectively) explore family dynamics, while “Ghost Cat” by Hal Charles, “Bones” by Bill Pronzini, and Ariel Dodson’s haunting first story “Ding Dong Bell” explore the lines some are willing to cross for—and against—family.

The fanciful “Auguste Didier and the Mad Hatter’s Hats” by Amy Myers and the clever “Lady Luck” by Peter Lovesey take us on travels—back in time in the former and to exotic Marrakesh in the latter.

The personal pursuits of characters lead to creative ways to make a buck—for better or for worse—in “Like a Lightning Bolt” by Dave Zeltserman, “One Too Many” by Edith Maxwell, and “Run Rosie Run” by Preston Lang.

Make EQMM one of your pursuits. Take some time for stellar short crime fiction today!

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Enter the captivating world of mystery fiction with Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. We're excited to introduce you to this legendary publication, your premier destination for classic and contemporary mystery stories, detective tales, and crime fiction.

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, published by Penny Publications LLC, is not just a magazine; it's a timeless institution that has been a beacon for mystery enthusiasts for decades.

As you explore the pages of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, you'll find a world of content that caters to mystery aficionados and lovers of crime fiction:

* Classic Mysteries: Enjoy timeless classics and iconic mysteries that have stood the test of time.

* Contemporary Crime Fiction: Dive into the latest works of contemporary authors, exploring new twists and turns in the world of crime.

* Detective Stories: Experience the thrill of detective stories, featuring brilliant investigators, cunning criminals, and perplexing puzzles.

* Short Story Collections: Access a curated selection of short stories that deliver suspense, intrigue, and surprise in every page.

* Author Interviews: Gain insights into the minds of mystery authors with exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes glimpses into their creative process.

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine is your key to unlocking a world of mystery, suspense, and intellectual challenge. Subscribe now and immerse yourself in the timeless art of deduction.

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