Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine - September/October 2021Add to Favorites

Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine - September/October 2021Add to Favorites

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The September/October 2021 issue brings us two blockbuster novellas! In Greg Egan’s thrilling new tale, a young man must escape an angry mob to learn the secret of “Sleep and the Soul.” Elizabeth Bear delivers multiple enigmas and a tense murder mystery in “A Blessing of Unicorns”

Our annual slightly spooky issue has a few stories that are evocative of movies or have movie themes. Jason Sanford brings us “The Dust of Giant Radioactive Lizards”; the fifties film ambiance continues with new to Asimov’s author Michèle Laframboise’s campy “Shooting at Warner’s Bay” and James Van Pelt’s “The Bahnhof Drive-In.” Circumstances are not quite as they first appear in S. Qiouyi Lu’s outré depiction of “Your Luminous Heart, Bound in Red”; and the advantages of “Matriphagy” by Naomi Kanakia are considered from the viewpoint of a vested party. Peter Wood attempts to stem “The Apocalypse and the Lake Mattamuskeet Gnat”; Mercurio D. Rivera terrifies us with an offworld tale about “Filaments”; Rick Wilber thrills us with an alternate history story about World War II and “Billie the Kid”; while, in his deeply moving tale, new to Asimov’s author Wole Talabi examines “An Arc of Electric Skin.” Our September/October issue will also feature James Gunn’s last story. We are proud to publish this beautifully told tale of “Singular Days.”

Robert Silverberg’s Reflections column wings us through the “Roc of Ages”; James Patrick Kelly’s On the Net considers the “Dismal” science; Norman Spinrad’s On Books explores “The Future of the Future” in works by Ben Bova & Doug Beason, Brandon Q. Morris, and Kim Stanley Robinson; plus we’ll have an array of poetry and other features you’re sure to enjoy. Look for our September/October 2021 issue on sale at newsstands on August 17, 2021.

Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine Description:

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Asimov's Science Fiction is a literary gem that pays homage to the visionary author Isaac Asimov while highlighting the finest works of modern science fiction. Since its establishment in 1977, Asimov's Science Fiction has remained a trusted source for enthusiasts of the genre, consistently delivering captivating stories and pushing the boundaries of imagination.

Named after the iconic Isaac Asimov, the magazine showcases a diverse range of thought-provoking narratives and inventive concepts. Each issue features gripping tales from acclaimed authors, offering readers a thrilling journey through the realms of science, technology, and speculative fiction. With its commitment to excellence and a legacy that spans decades, Asimov's Science Fiction continues to captivate readers with its unique blend of visionary storytelling and unparalleled imagination.

Discover the captivating world of Asimov's Science Fiction, where every issue unveils extraordinary visions of the future and invites you to embark on awe-inspiring adventures beyond the boundaries of reality.

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