Backcountry Magazine - Backountry 126 | The 2019 Skills Guide

Publisher: Height of Land Publications
Category: Sports, Lifestyle
Language: English
Frequency : Bi-Monthly

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Backcountry Magazine isn’t about defining boundaries, it’s about blowing them wide open. More people than ever are redefining their ideas of skiing and snowboarding, and Backcountry is their tool; a conduit and catalyst of the backcountry revolution. Each issue of Backcountry is packed with high-definition photography and stories, trusted avalanche safety skills and reliable, unbiased gear reviews. From freeskiing to touring, exotic destinations to backyard zones, the history of skiing to the cutting edge, we cover it all. In Backcountry, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Join us and imagine your Untracked Experience.

In the mountains, education is a never-ending pursuit—regardless of experience level. That’s why in this year’s Skills Guide dives deep into the decision-making processes, tools, gear and workshops to help those at all skill levels travel more safely. Inside, we break things down by skill level—from novice to veteran—and offer up ways to hone everything from kickturns to rescue practice and the gear, classes and tools to take your knowledge to the next level. From there, we celebrate those who’ve dedicated their lives and careers to improving mountain safety. We highlight 34 visionaries, engineers, scientists, educators and innovators who have dug deeply into awareness, science and research, in turn making the mountains more accessible and those who travel through them safer.

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