Be Who You Are Magazine - August 2016

Publisher: Be Who You Are Magazine
Category: Lifestyle
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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"Be Who You Are"The vision for the publication is to bring every person from all around the world regardless of race, creed or origin as we celebrate one another uniqueness and embrace the work God is doing as we further the Kingdom. "Be Who You Are" magazine will be featuring Artistic work in many different forms such as but not limited too Gospel Artist featuring there music and ministry. Assorted fashion collections from high end fashion to affordable fashion wear where every women is beautiful. Direct advertising of businesses national and International, along with exclusive Interviews from my OWN guest panel From Insanity to Sane,

BE WHO YOU ARE Bringing positive and empowering people together to embrace one another as the unique individuals we’re meant to be BE WHO YOU ARE was created to bring people together to empower one another, share tips for finding success, and create an encouraging environment as we all strive to reach our goals. BE WHO YOU ARE is about embracing our unique qualities and being proud of who we are as individuals, while seeing how each of us can work together to bring about a positive change within faithful communities everywhere. BE WHO YOU ARE tells the stories of real people who are making a difference through their professional and personal lives. The pages of this magazine highlight heroes and game changers from all walks of life. Founded by Barbara Archer in 2015, BE WHO YOU ARE is a digital magazine published in partnership with the editorial team at NRPR Group.

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