Lawyers Daily - #1 (12/2017)

Publisher: Lawyers Daily
Category: Business, Investment
Language: English, Ukrainian
Frequency : Quarterly

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Business - is many-sided, abused for complexity. Many people dream to be engaged in it. Somebody often leave it, but also often return. They aimed at it even if they are disappointed, and then are fond even more, expecting that followers will go further. The Lawyers Daily team created the media platform which has united strategists, the CEO and owners of the companies which not just develop business, but also realise that the country needs in large-scale changes. Their today decisions are our tomorrow. Responsibility lays down on such people, as opinion leaders, who know how to affect an advancing, as well as Lawyers Daily. We know from an own experience how many the attention is riveted on Ukraine. Its current status and the prospects of development today, how often somebody catch on the raw... Lawyers Daily is about the most sensible subject. We have desired an opportunity to change the country to the best and we have changed it, to fight for what we do and we have fought, to influence society own example and we have influenced. The Lawyers Daily editorial office communicates with the leading CEOs, owners of the medium and large business, external consultants and entrepreneurs of a new format who are ready to change themselves and to change others. We collected the most well-aimed and interesting materials for the readers and we go in the new year with a challenge and inspiration: to work and inspire, help business community to develop and continue to convince the world community that Ukraine is the beautiful place in every sense of this word. We wish to partners, to colleagues, readers and just interested persons to reach new peaks in 2017, to business -a desirable stability and extraordinary growth. We will always be by your side!

Lawyers Daily – is an information and analytical business publication with an actual information for business people, the source of an exclusive content about entrepreneurship and everything, that is connected with it, important events of Ukrainian and World economy

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