DCRS-DECORATIONS - July 2019 - Volume 128

Publisher: Darby Media Pte Ltd
Category: Home, Lifestyle
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly

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Magazine for Interior Decorations and Design. DCRS celebrates a brimful of luscious textures and vibrant colours in raving designs, from sweet urban indulgence to the rustling bare essentials. Filled with simply eye - catching living spaces so alive, the pictures want to become spaces and the interior wants to become a picture. Admire at these for too long, and you could just be 'living' in them. Through the pages, delight in an armchair trip of interior exhibits of globally connected society from Milan to Tokyo. Evergreen issues too are covered, including excerpts from interviews just because the people are amazing. Get an issue TODAY.

Blade on the Rock; Standing tall, dark and imposing, this 4500-square-foot residence is solidly anchored in the rock thanks to its numerous stone retaining walls and paved terraces. Located close to the US border, the Slender House designed by MU Architecture, is strategically remote and poised as a nature enclosed respite. Lofty Ideas: Feline lovers understand that humans do not actually own cats. In fact, the reverse is true. Hence, cat-friendly spaces often include cat walkways, nooks and climbing shelves whether to proudly showcase the cats or subtly take advantage of unused vertical space. So when Selina Tay principal designer of Collective Designs was tasked to transform a bachelor pad into a feline friendly space, at only 721 square feet, the apartment is space challenged but is blessed with generous height. Softly Sculpted: Influenced by Milanese design, the interior features a luxurious open concept layout in the 4200 square-foot space. All the comforts of a traditional family house are enjoyed on the single-floor family home, including a formal foyer and dining room, an open concept kitchen and living room, a (tucked away) butler’s kitchen, four bedrooms, three washrooms and an outdoor patio.

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