Stuff Malaysia - November 2013

Publisher: Catcha Media Berhad
Category: Lifestyle
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly
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Stuff has a unique understanding of the desires of the 21st century man, the cognoscenti, urban warriors and early adopters: to buy, to play, to share. And we know how to communicate those passions, with a playful tone devoid of typical media cynicism. That’s why we’re the world’s best-selling gadget magazine. A uniquely entertaining digital lifestyle magazine, Stuff is cutting edge, entertaining and inspirational. Clearly a magazine about guys and their gadgets, its about making it all accessible – about how a product looks and how it fits into a readers life, rather than about the mechanics of ‘what’s going on inside the product’. What’s coming soon, how hot is it and the latest need-to-know trends give context to readers’ buying decisions offering practical advice that allows its readers to make informed decisions that enable them to buy the best product for their needs and lifestyle. Although its target audience is men in their 20s and 30s, Stuff has a wide readership that encompasses all ages and genders, bound by one common trait: an addiction to the shiny things in life.

There’s some new iPhones! Oh, you heard? One’s mega-powerful and the other’s super-colourful, but will they inspire enough adulation to restore Apple’s place at the head of the tech pantheon? The first coming of iPhone and iPad ensured years of fan worship for the late Steve Jobs and his disciples, making them seemingly insurmountable. We’ve reviewed the iPhone 5s on p82 to see if it at least restores the iPhone idol to its place atop the smartphones altar.

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