ICON Malaysia - May 2019

Publisher: Blu Inc Media Sdn Bhd
Category: Lifestyle
Language: Chinese - Simplified
Frequency : Monthly

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本期主题聚焦“母亲节”,特别请来了这个美得越来越有感染力的新手妈妈Carmen Soo(苏慧敏),与《ICON》分享她如何享受她的美丽新身份。我们也特别邀请城中来自不同领域、性格各异的母亲,诉说她们,以及和儿女之间的有趣故事。另外,还有国际著名女星、电影世家、商界女富豪、超模与孩子们的事迹。除此之外,精致呈现一辑美妆大片,打开彩妆盒,绚丽色彩跃现眼前,邂逅幽黯冷色,骤然被那抹胭红而陶醉,透露几许玩味。蓝绿红橘,交叠演绎出丰富浓郁的姿彩,描绘成迷魅深邃的立体画,秀出你独一无二的魅力。

Launched in 2007, ICON is Malaysia’s FIRST Chinese-language luxury magazine for today’s affluent women. This award-winning publication features an eclectic mix of high fashion, beauty trends, essential reads, and profiles of the rich and famous. The epitome of sophistication, ICON sets itself apart with complete, yet unique coverage of luxurious lifestyles with an Asian perspective.

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