ICON Malaysia - February 2019

Publisher: Blu Inc Media Sdn Bhd
Category: Lifestyle
Language: Chinese - Simplified
Frequency : Monthly

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这个充满佳节气氛的二月天,《ICON》请来了混血美人Celina Jade卢靖姗担任封面人物,她的美不会让人窒息,却让人一路紧紧跟随。如此清心寡欲的灵魂,在这个纸醉金迷光怪陆离的娱乐圈,实属一大奇景。 “旧年钟声入新年,爆竹阵阵岁经添。”趁着佳节我们请来3位城中精英女性和美丽名媛拍摄一辑新年特辑,在欢声笑语中轻松聊起她们的新年过节方式,以及如何将这些珍贵的传统习俗传承给下一代。 另外,配合浓情蜜意的情人节,还有结合了时装、腕表及珠宝的时尚大片。当四目相对时,时空仿佛蓦然静止,莫名的怦然心动,让人如同走进了春日氤氲的芳菲里,爱情在心中肆意蔓延。腕上的情侣表在分秒流转之中,时光的嘀嗒声与俩人心跳 时光的嘀嗒声与俩人心跳的声音,仿佛在诉说着恋人之间的甜言蜜语,谱写每一刻隽永动人的情意。

Launched in 2007, ICON is Malaysia’s FIRST Chinese-language luxury magazine for today’s affluent women. This award-winning publication features an eclectic mix of high fashion, beauty trends, essential reads, and profiles of the rich and famous. The epitome of sophistication, ICON sets itself apart with complete, yet unique coverage of luxurious lifestyles with an Asian perspective.

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