Machidukuri in a Sustainable Society Magazine - Machizukuri in a sustainable societyAdd to Favorites

Machidukuri in a Sustainable Society Magazine - Machizukuri in a sustainable societyAdd to Favorites

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In this issue

What is effective machidukuri in a globalizing society, Beginning of Machidukuri, Run-up for the social development Interbau housing Exhibition, Berlin, 1957,Social and Economic development Architects' ideas " City of the Future" Federal Environmental Protection Law and more...

Machidukuri in a Sustainable Society Magazine Description:




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Preface Sustainable Society-getting liberated from the threats and beyond OTSUKI Toshio (Prof. Univ. of Tokyo)

Chapter 1 Sustainable Machidukuri – Basic principles Tokyo Conference1

1-1 Long-life Building – Possibility of Adaptable Building UCHIDA Yoshichika  (Prof. Emer. Univ of Tokyo)----- P22

1-2 Machidukuri Policy of Japan since 1980s INOUE Toshiyuki (the previous Director, Bureau of Housing, MLIT)-----P 24

1-3 Comparative Study on Sustainable Machidukuri in Japan and Germany SAWADA Seiji(Meiji University)-----P 27

1-4 Japanese Machidukuri System and Current Issues OMURA Kenjiro (Prof. emer. Tsukuba University)-----P 30

1-5 Sustainable Development Through Machidukuri in Germany STRAEB Hermann (Town planner, Germany)-----P 32

1-6 Discussion and Conclusion – Project approaches, and roles of planners and coordinators -----P 36

Chapter 2  Sustainable Machidukuri Projects in Japan and Germany  Tokyo Conference2-----P 39

2-1 Innovation City - Bottrop Machidukuri Project ROEER Georg (NRW-Invest Japan)-----P 40

2-2 IBA Thüringen 2013 – 2023 Regional Redevelopment Project   STRAEB Hermann (Town planner, Germany )-----P 43

2-3 Recent Housing Refurbishment Projects in Japan  OKUMO Kenji (Ichiura Housing & Planning)-----P 48

2-4 From“Box“-making to “Place“ -making industry – Change of  Machidukuri in Japan ) MATSUMURA Shuichi (Prof. Univ. of Tokyo)-----P53

2-5 Gera 2030 Project – Integrated urban development project Miller Ramon (Vice-Mayor of Gera City)-----P 56

2-6 Toyama City Environment Future City & Compact City  NAKAMURA Keiyu (Project manager of Toyama City)-----P 59 

2-7 Passive Town Kurobe Model and Machidukuri KODAMA Yuichiro (Architect, Prof., Kobe AC Univ)-----P 62

2-8 Discussion and Conclusion – Urbanization, compact city concept and consensus building-----P 65

Chapter 3  Development of Life, Industry and Housing in Kanagawa   Yokohama Conference-----P 67

3-1 Machidukuri Development in Kanagawa Region and Future Strategy INOMATA Atsuo (KHSC, Chairman)-----P 69

3-2 Shiomidai Housing Estate Project – Overview of its History and the next Programs SHITOMI Takeo (KHSC. Managing Director)-----P 72

3-3 Town Planning and its Issues of Kanagawa Area SUZUKI Nobuharu (Prof. Yokohama City Univ. )-----P 75

3-4 Discussion and Conclusion – Positive thinking on site, Compact City prospect, International exchange )-----P 78

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