New Generation Psychology - August 2018

Publisher: Purple Feather e-Solutions Pvt Ltd
Category: Lifestyle, Education
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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Why are we bringing out a special magazine on psychology devoted to the new generation? Are their psychological make-up in any way different from the others? In my opinion the need for a new magazine to address the problems of the new generation was long over-due. You may wonder why. Since 2011 we have embarked on a new journey in our social lives. With the advent of social media people’s psychology has also undergone a sea change. They have become more open. More open about our successes, failures, love, sex, everything. What good or bad has it done to us? We are already living in a world steeped in stress. We are already struggling in a constantly changing, constantly shifting, dynamic environment with cut throat competition in all spheres of life. Social media is not helping the situation. Though helping us keep in touch,social makes it easy to compare our lives with those of others, adding to the stress factor manifolds. This is increasingly creating new problem areas in our lives, earlier not seen.

New Generation Psychology invites you to spend some of your valuable time exploring these pivots, and other fascinating connections between self-doubt and positivity, friendship and popularity, and shyness and outbursts. Also, just so you know, we take serious, loyal readership as our most precious asset. We’d be fools to trifle with the agendas we’ve been talking about, by making change for change’s sake. But there’s also the puzzling question, in this moment of emotional and mental millennial crisis, if we can only intensify the experience of reading a magazine, or make a difference in living!

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