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Despite making the safest cars in the world, Volvo hasn’t really been able to crack the Indian market. But Volvo’s not going to just sit back and watch, the Swedish carmaker is pinning its hopes on its V40 hatch and its variants, which are coming to India. We take an exclusive drive of the V40 Cross Country in India and find out just how good it is.

In the past, Honda has always found pricing its CR-V competitively a task, owing to it being a full import. But the all-new CR-V is assembled in India and comes with a killer price tag, although there’s still no diesel. We get behind the wheel of Honda’s SUV to find out if it can shake up the competition. Plus, we head to Miami, USA and get our minds blown by the open-top Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. Also, we do a comprehensive road test of the Porsche 911 Carrera 4S. And, we pit three powerful diesel hatchbacks against each other – the Tata Indica Vista D90, Hyundai i20 and Fiat Punto 90HP – to find out which makes the most sense. Where else can you see over 80 supercars in one place but the annual Parx Supercar Parade in Mumbai – this year’s edition had some stunning metal on display. On two wheels this month, we hop on the all-new Honda Activa and find out just how much of an improvement the HET-equipped engine is. And we head to Chennai to learn how to ride on a track from the experts as part of the California Superbike School...

Autocar India Magazine Description:

PublisherHaymarket India




Autocar India Magazine is a monthly magazine that covers the Indian automotive industry. It is published by Haymarket Media Group and is the Indian edition of the British magazine Autocar. The first issue was launched in September 1999.

Autocar India Magazine is aimed at a wide range of readers, including car enthusiasts, industry professionals, and anyone who is interested in the automotive world. It covers a wide range of topics, including:

* Car reviews: Autocar India Magazine is known for its comprehensive and in-depth car reviews. The magazine's team of experienced testers puts every car through its paces to give readers a complete picture of its strengths and weaknesses.
* Road tests: Autocar India Magazine takes readers on the road to test the latest cars in real-world conditions. The magazine's team of testers pushes the cars to the edge to see what they're really capable of.
* Motorsports coverage: Autocar India Magazine covers all the latest motorsport action, from Formula 1 to MotoGP to the World Rally Championship. The magazine's team of experts provides in-depth analysis and commentary on all the races.
* Industry news and analysis: Autocar India Magazine covers the latest news and trends in the Indian automotive industry. The magazine's team of experts provides in-depth analysis of the industry and its impact on consumers.

If you're interested in the automotive world, then Autocar India Magazine is the perfect resource for you. Subscribe today and start your journey to a more informed and engaged automotive life!

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