International Gallerie - Vol.20, No.2, 2017, RESIST

Publisher: Gallerie Publishers
Category: Art
Language: English
Frequency : Half-yearly

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A Journey of Ideas Gallerie is a celebration of life. As a tribute to the creative excellence of the world, it features painters, sculptors,crafts-people, writers, poets, photographers, designers, film-makers, and performing artists, humanists. It covers lives and cultures in India and around the world with a socio-political-human interest perspective. While it represents India abroad, it carries international stories for India. Gallerie is a sharing of ideas, inspiring and uplifting. Features have informative, in-depth stories treated in a lucid, reader-friendly style accompanied by high quality pictures. In a generous 10"x13" format of approximately 130 pages, the layout is designed to create an oasis of calm amid the cacophony on magazine stands today. It is processed, printed and published in India with international quality production values. A bi-annual, thirty two issues and eight-awards-old, Gallerie is steadily reaching a large readership in India and worldwide. Museums, galleries and educational institutions are among others who subscribe to the magazine. In India, readership is not only with the discerning decision-maker, but also with a wide spectrum of art and literary enthusiasts. Overseas, a loyal subscription list is growing with institutions and individuals. Readership includes the Harvard University, Victoria University, the Freer & Sackler Galleries, Smithsonian Institution, the Metropolitan Museum, NY, the MOMA, NY, the New York Public Library, the MOMA, San Francisco, the Asia Museum San Francisco, the Asia Society, NY, the Tate Gallery, London, the Hayward Gallery, London. The response has indeed, been encouraging. Today, Gallerie is a collectible, a journal that readers value and associate with excellence.

What we have learned and shared with our readers is the rich heritage of each country, the cultural uniqueness of its people and their innate desire for an equitable and peacefulworld. Most humans yearn for peace of mind besides the instincts for survival, but there are those who lust for more. This lusting for more is our bane. More land, more wealth, more power has lead to more violence, more wars, more misery and a world besieged with more regression and decadence. Resistance is the only positive direction to be taken in this era of unabated violence and destruction. Resist and overpower in peace and with love.

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