Muallim - The Muslim Lifestyle Magazine - August 2014

Publisher: Blossom Media Pvt. Ltd.
Category: Religious & Spiritual, Lifestyle
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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Since the arrival of Islam in India, Muslims are playing a key role in the development of the country. This cover story about the role of Muslims in modern India takes a detailed approach. It weaves together the contribution of Islamic Institutions towards literate India, contribution of Muslims in education of modern India, contribution of Muslim scientist to independent India, contribution of Muslim Art in India’s tourism and Muslim NGOs. The Mongol invasion in the 13th century in central Asia and other Islamic lands was in a way responsible for the influx of numerous Muslim scholars into India. These scholars brought with them their own system of education and subsequently educational institutions based on that pattern came into existence throughout India. Some of them started their own private classes. Others took employment in State-run schools and colleges or other institutions that were established and run through private donations. Many such institutions continued to flourish, for example the Mu`izz Madrasahs in Delhi and Budaum, the Firuz Shah at Hau Khas in Delhi are among the many such institutions where eminent Muslim scholars taught. The Bidar Madrasah in Delhi which comprised of three storeys contained a Masjid, a library hall, lecture rooms, lodging quarters for lecturers and students. This pattern of educational institution has more or less continued throughout India to this present day. The course of study may have undergone some modifications, but by and large, the nature of the curriculum remained unchanged.

‘Muallim’ is a Muslim lifestyle magazine, which addresses the religious concerns of Muslim families across the world. Muallim primarily addresses issues regarding Islamic education and moral upbringing, spirituality, creed, and jurisprudence. Our insightful and thought-provoking feature articles address a variety of subjects related to our daily lives and lend a Muslim perspective to the issues and concerns of our modern lifestyles. We aim to impart Islamic knowledge, linking Islamic practices to a true and genuine scholarship in a way that is relevant & compatible with contemporary living. This is an effort to enrich lives of all stratums of society by reinforcing true and meaningful Islamic values that respect every individual's rights.

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