Rishi Prasad Magazine - May 2024Add to Favorites

Rishi Prasad Magazine - May 2024Add to Favorites

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In this issue

* The nature (path) of action is imponderable
* The Power of the Divine Name, Company of Devotees, and Bhagavat Katha
* What is real well-being?
* Children, do not remain short of stature.
* Purity of heart brings success.
* Measures to excel in examinations and boost memory power
* How to become proficient in learning and education?
* Children are breaking the rules of Brahmacharya at a tender age: Survey
* Schools should hold such sweet discussions that increase wisdom and love for God.
* Discrimination of the witness of the Vital Sheath – Swami AkhandÍnanda
* Who was more charitable?
* Let me never forget You – Saint Pathik Ji
* Chakrasana (wheel pose) cleanses nadis and keeps senility at bay.
* With a saint’s grace, you will attain divine knowledge – Sant NÍmdev Ji
* Living a healthy life without undergoing bypass surgery for three severe blockages – Harish Yadav
* The Vrata that destroys great sins and gives great religious merit.
* Get coolness and many other benefits from mulberries in this scorching heat.
* Remedies for heat-related problems in the summer season
* …Now even the uninitiated ones are also saying

Rishi Prasad Magazine Description:

PublisherSant Shri Asharamji Ashram

CategoryReligious & Spiritual



Started in 1990, Rishi Prasad has now become the largest circulated spiritual monthly publication in the world with more than 10 million readers. The magazine is a digest of all thought provoking latest discourses of His Holiness Asharam Bapu on various subjects directing simple solutions for a peaceful life. The magazine also features news on happenings at various ashrams in past month, inspirational texts from scriptures/legends , practical tips for healthy day-to-day living balancing materialism by idealism, Bapuji's answers to questions raised by seekers, disciples's experiences etc.

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