Da Man - October - November 2018

Publisher: DestinAsian Media Group
Category: Lifestyle, Men's Interest
Language: English
Frequency : Bi-Monthly

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DA MAN is a men's fashion and lifestyle magazine launched in May 2007. This established, sophisticated magazine is packed with inspiring articles and enriched with beautiful photography, covering the very best in fashion and lifestyle for SE Asia's growing market of young, educated, well-traveled, fashion-conscious and trendsetting guys. Offering topical and up-to-date information, DA MAN is the guide to good living. DA MAN is published six times a year with a print run of 45,000 copies (and growing) and is distributed in Singapore, Indonesia and other selected locales, including New York and Los Angeles.

Why do we feature celebrities in magazines? It’s on old question’a bit of cliché, even. The usual answer is also quite clichéd: Because they serve as our role models. But in this day and age, where gossip is a commodity and every Tweet, photo or caption is scrutinized at the speed of light, is it still relevant to say that actors, singers and other public figures are people worth parading as paragons that we should imitate? The short answer is: yes. And now for the long answer. The thing with role models is that they are not meant to be imitated. They are meant to inspire. Or to put it in another way: You don’t imitate the lives of your role models—you imitate their attitude. Some would say that this is just a matter of semantics, but I would argue that this distinction is important, and that is why we feature the people we feature.

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