Da Man - April - May 2019

Publisher: DestinAsian Media Group
Category: Lifestyle, Men's Interest
Language: English
Frequency : Bi-Monthly

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DA MAN is a men's fashion and lifestyle magazine launched in May 2007. This established, sophisticated magazine is packed with inspiring articles and enriched with beautiful photography, covering the very best in fashion and lifestyle for SE Asia's growing market of young, educated, well-traveled, fashion-conscious and trendsetting guys. Offering topical and up-to-date information, DA MAN is the guide to good living. DA MAN is published six times a year with a print run of 45,000 copies (and growing) and is distributed in Singapore, Indonesia and other selected locales, including New York and Los Angeles.

Shoot for the moon, wrote American author Norman Vincent Peale, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. About this time, twelve years ago, I shot for the moon and DAMAN was born. The question, then, is whether the magazine did reach the moon or whether it is now among the stars. In a way, I think it did both, even if I do say so myself. DAMAN has now become the foremost men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine in Indonesia, and it has accomplished this as an original, homegrown brand. But at the same time, I can’t help but feel that DAMAN has also landed among the stars and grown far beyond what I originally envisioned. We’ve added the Style and Caliber special issues to our lineup; we’ve moved forward by leaps and bounds in terms of digital content; we’ve expanded our video creation capabilities to include campaigns for brand ... and that’s just in terms of content and media. Development of DAMAN’s event organizing portfolio is a whole other story.

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