Mystery Weekly - July 2017

Publisher: AM Marketing Strategies
Category: Entertainment, Fiction
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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In our feature mystery, a jaded Edwardian Inspector follows a bloody trail through secret passages in “A Gastleigh Curse” by Melanie Atherton Allen. A claimed suicide leads a young detective on a dangerous investigation against some powerful players in “Smiling Gnome” by J. Michael Major. Borrowing money can lead to terrible consequences, even between relatives in “Uncle Charlie And The Passport” by Thom Bennett. Have you ever wanted to be a detective? How hard can it be? Even a blind man can solve a mystery in “Darkness, Darkness” by Peter DiChellis. A psychic foresees her death and it relates to an abundance of coincidences in “The Date” by Bruce Harris. Watch out editors! Too many rejections can lead to a desperate writer in “Publish Or Perish” by Kevin Z. Garvey. She is waiting for her transient brother to return, but death is in someone’s future in “Landscaping” by Tapanga Koe. A verbal shoot out pits opinionated tavern patrons against each other in “Gun Control” by Tom Tolnay. Who is deceiving whom in this month’s You-Solve-It: “The Red Herring” by Rhonda Howard.

Published monthly, Mystery Weekly Magazine presents crime and mystery short stories by some of the world's best established and emerging mystery writers. The original stories we select for each issue run the gamut from cosy to hardboiled fiction.

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