Mystery Weekly - March 2017

Publisher: AM Marketing Strategies
Category: Entertainment, Fiction
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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In This Issue: Gem Collector by George Garnet A jewelry thief gets his revenge on dirty cops while helping an abused street walker. These Little Things That Lead Us Down Dark Alleys by Michael McGlade Cory Moss is suspected of foul play after in the sudden death of his fiancée in a nightclub. He must follow the seedy trail that leads to her killer. The Farmer And His Wife by Earl Staggs A private investigator reluctantly agrees to look for a weeping mother's son who was last heard from while working on a Texas farm. Beyond the Grave by Edward Francisco In typical Poe style, Edgar Allan Poe must discover the motive, means and opportunity after the death of his child-bride, Virginia Clemm. The Exquisite Agony of the Interrogator by Peter Hochstein A dark yet humorous caper involving kidnappings, interrogations, tortures and bumbling goons. A Fair Trade by Ben Orlando Two career kidnappers approach their last grab, but their loss of nerve may cost them everything.

Published monthly, Mystery Weekly Magazine presents crime and mystery short stories by some of the world's best established and emerging mystery writers. The original stories we select for each issue run the gamut from cosy to hardboiled fiction.

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