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UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME Ellen Brown contends that in a debt-based system, the consumer economy is chronically short of money and despite critics’ claims, a universal basic income can fill the debt gap by providing a vital safety net for individuals, and prevent cyclical recessions. DISMANTLING THE VIRUS THEORY Dr Stefan Lanka explores the origins of the virus theory, arguing that due to various factors, a false view on the cause of diseases was born and imposed as a dogma, which is in fact still in effect to date. ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE THERAPY As comments by Nobel laureate, Dr Luc Montagnier and also Donald Trump receive mainstream scorn in relation to light therapy for COVID-19, Matthew Ehret digs deeper and uncovers a long history of scientific discovery in light’s potential for medical treatment. PLANT INTELLIGENCE Jack Fox-Williams delves into various studies on plant behaviour, including those by Darwin and more contemporary researchers and ecophilosophers, revealing that plants exhibit behaviour that proves a brain is not necessary for conscious awareness. THE HELICAL SUN Jamal S. Shrair examines the Sun’s position above the galactic equator and concludes that its spiralling up phase is approaching its limit and this is having a major impact on Earth’s current climate, creating massive Earth changes including extreme wildfires. SCIENCE NEWS: THE PLASMA UNIVERSE Matthew Ehret reports on work by physicists that plasma and cosmic radiation comprise the medium in which our planets move around the Sun, and how the role of music and creativity in progressing science has been halted by statistical probability theorists and limited thinking. UNIDENTIFIED SUBMERSIBLE OBJECTS Presenting five dramatic encounters with USOs by military witnesses since the 1950s, Preston Dennett investigates whether these could have been experimental craft, but it seems that something else besides the military is moving around in our oceans. STRANGE TIMES: BEYOND THE PROBABLE

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