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Nexus Vol 24/06 FAR INFRARED HEALING THE DARK SIDE OF ANTIBIOTICS By Stephen McMurray. All classes of antibiotics can have serious side effects, both physical and mental, and some can cause death. There are also issues with hidden antibiotics entering the food chain and water supply as well as their use as ingredients in vaccines. BLOCKCHAIN: A TOOL TO ENSLAVE US? By Karen Mutton. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies which use blockchain technology have been sold to the public as an anonymous and safe way to store wealth. But the blockchain may enslave us through the IMF's Special Drawing Rights and the digitisation of assets. NORTH AMERICAN MOUND CULTURE By Thomas Karl Dietrich. Excavations of many ancient earthworks allegedly uncovered enormous skeletons. Were these mounds created by a race of Giants who possessed advanced scientific knowledge, but whose existence has been suppressed by the orthodoxy? SCIENCE NEWS: SCALAR WAVES CROP CIRCLES OF 2017 By Andy Thomas. A wealth of fascinating designs arrived in the English fields this season. While the media reduced these crop circles to the status of "fake news", the truth is that the phenomenon still inspires and promotes healthy, legitimate, alternative enquiry. UNEARTHING THE NAZCA MUMMIES By Linda Moulton Howe. In an interview, Gaia's Melissa Tittl reveals that several mummified humanoids, coated in a white powder, have been discovered in a tomb at Nazca, Peru, and are being tested. Diagnostic imaging of one of the mummies suggests there is no hoax.

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