The Safari Guide - July 2019

Publisher: Grin Creative
Category: Travel
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly

The Safari Guide is a quarterly digital publication brought to you by award-winning travel experts – Bench Africa. This stylish magazine, aimed at the sophisticated, savvy traveller, was borne out of an innate desire to encourage more meaningful travel throughout the continent of Africa - in all its rich diversity. Each issue is packed with Africa travel news, sustainable travel ideas, insider tips, fervent tales, electrifying videos and dramatic imagery. If you care about our planet, if you’re desperate to get off the beaten track, if you want to mingle with the locals or just experience ‘the extraordinary’ in Africa then The Safari Guide has it all.

Lions are the most iconic animals in Africa, and one of the most sought- after safari sightings. The thrill of seeing them in the wild is indescribable; perhaps because it triggers such a primal reaction in each of us. The theme of this issue of The Safari Guide celebrates The King of the Jungle, shining a light on the inspiring projects and individuals that are forging ahead in this conservation space. Every individual animal matters, whether it’s Elsa the lioness, whose poignant story of freedom inspired several generations of animal lovers, or Cecil the lion, whose death elicited a global outcry against lion hunting. In retelling their stories, we hope to remind you of the plight of lions in the wild, and inspire you all to act with vigour to safeguard the future of these magnificent beasts.

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