Andpersand - November - December 2013

Publisher: Maxposure Media Group India Pvt Ltd
Category: Art, Lifestyle
Language: English, India
Frequency : Bi-Monthly
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Andpersand Magazine redefines luxury lifestyle intelligently. Catering to both domestic and international markets, this magazine focuses on trend-setting luxury brands and living concepts. It offers to the well heeled and thinking reader in-depth views on avant-garde fashion, exotic travel, path-breaking societal trends and unique gourmet journeys. An innovative and award-winning team of editors, writers and photographers create the magazine.

25 Indulges for the season. Artist Thukral and Tagra’s designer line of bags for Etro. 5,600-diamonds on Show. Fashion designer Ravi Bajaj and his Mad Men. Perfect party looks. Priyanka Chopra’s wild side. Girl’s trip across the world.

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