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Automotive, Lifestyle
Magazine Description
autoX is the fastest growing automotive lifestyle magazine in India. Our focus is on visual appeal, through attractive layouts and photography, and our storytelling approach with an inclination towards humour, creates an emotional connect with readers. 
Our reviews meet the highest standards of editorial quality & integrity – and we are fortunate that readers rate the quality of our content among the best in the motoring world globally. We strive to put our readers in the driver’s seat of the most exciting industry in the country. 

Fuelled by passionate motorsport junkies and expert auto journalists; autoX brings to life the excitement and thrill we experience in creating unique content – this is where the fun begins! For us, motoring isn’t merely an activity – it is an art form that binds us and forces us to go beyond the ordinary. 
At autoX, you can expect ‘Pure eXcitement, No Bullshit.’ Everything we do is driven by: Heart. Soul. Passion and Emotion.

Issue Description
In an absolutely power packed issue celebrating our 9th Anniversary - a round of applause for us please - we undertake our biggest ever group test, comparing 46 of the latest vehicles at the venerable Buddh International Circuit. In what turned out to be a very close fought contest, we finally award eight of the best vehicles our 'Best of 2015' award. And not just this, we even managed to take a Hyundai Creta on an epic journey from Leh to Bhutan, you can read the first part of that two-part jounery in this issue as we make it to Delhi travelling through the middle of a snowstorm.

We also take two Triumph Tigers on a legendary ride in North Eastern India and visit the borders of China and Myanmar in the first of two stories, while the Great Overland Adventure continues its quest for continents, with the team conquering Saharan Africa. And last but not the least, we take a look at the epic travels of Hubert Kriegel, who has amazed even us with this fantastic journeys. Truly, a man we admire hugely and are massively jealous of, at the same time.

All in all, once again, our Anniversary issue delivers a strong dose of amazing content, hope you have as much fun reading it as we had putting the issue together.
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