ArtDog Istanbul- All Issues

ArtDog Istanbul is a new online and bimonthly printed arts and culture publication centered mostly on contemporary art covering other disciplines such as theatre, music, literature, cinema, design, fashion and architecture as well. Offering local and international contemporary art in all its shapes and forms ArtDog Istanbul features art news, articles from recent and current issues, in depth interviews, special reports, opinion pieces and reviews. Aimed at both a specialist and a general audience ArtDog Istanbul aims to break the barriers between artist/art and the audience. Offering an in-depth and intimate portrait of the arts and culture scene, ArtDog Istanbul acts as a bridge between global and local art platforms. Launched with the awareness that a new and dynamic era in Istanbul’s arts and culture scene is about to start after a couple years of recession, ArtDog Istanbul keeps a track record of what’s happening in the art world with journalistic and editorial content. ArtDog Istanbul’s first issue was published in the autumn of 2019, along with a digital platform which is updated on daily basis. ArtDog Istanbul combines dynamic content with compelling critical debate, exploring the best in contemporary art and culture, from Turkey and beyond.