Mac Life|February 2023

Meta Quest Pro

$1,499 From

While we wait for Apple’s heavily rumored mixed–reality headset to drop, Facebook owner Meta has revealed its own high–end device that blends virtual and augmented reality: the Meta Quest Pro.

It’s loaded with some pretty impressive features, including eye and expression tracking, full–color mixed–reality visuals, and four times the resolution of the Meta Quest 2. You navigate through virtual worlds using the two included Meta Quest

 Touch Pro controllers, which boast haptic feedback and precision pinch to allow for more immersive experiences. It’s also comfortable for glasses–wearers — a plus.

Meta is positioning the Quest Pro as both a workplace and recreational device, something that can help you collaborate with colleagues around the world as much as it can aid your relaxation after a long day. Will Apple’s own headset be able to compete? We’ll have to find out.




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